Welcome to the Sun City Anthem Democratic Club. We are proud to hold the distinction of being one of the largest Democratic clubs in the state of Nevada, largely due to the dedicated Democrats in our community. Through education, organization, voter registration, and participation in local, state-wide, and national political processes we strive to “build back better.” Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month with July and August being “vacation” months. In support of Ukraine, below are some organizations that are providing relief as recommended by Daily Kos:

September Campaign Events

Actions you can take right now

  • Nevada Democratic Victory is seeking volunteer drivers to help transport and chaperone our high school ambassadors while they are out knocking doors. 

    The chaperones are expected to pick up the high schoolers at the beginning of each shift from our East Las Vegas Campaign office, drive the students to their turf, be in the general vicinity and on call while the Highschool students are knocking doors, and drive the Highschool students back to the campaign office at the end of the shift. 


2023 Nominations


The time has come to assemble a slate of Elected Officer Candidates for the year 2023. The following offices are open for nomination: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Director of Membership. Job responsibilities can be found on our website:

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